6 Perfect Gifts for a Period Care Package

6 Perfect Gifts for a Period Care Package


When we’re on our periods I’m sure many of us aren’t jumping for joy and instead we may find ourselves rescheduling plans, not wanting to leave the house and that is completely fine, there's no right or wrong way to deal with your monthly bleed.

PMS can be the worlds biggest b*tch during that time of the month and symptoms can be unavoidable but a little ol’ care package received from your nearest and dearest can certainly help boost your mood!

If you’re wanting to give your best gal pal (or yourself- because we’re all about that self-love) a little pick me up, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve put together a little list of period related gifts that won’t make your period disappear but will certainly help make it less… sucky.

#1. There’s nothing like a good old fashion greeting card

Okay, hear me out, the card is just as important as the gift. If you’re like me, you may still have a little stash of cards you have collated over the years that just mean a little something more to you. By keeping cards you can re-visit those memories and read them over whenever you please, opening yourself up to those emotions of yours.

Nothing can beat expressing how much someone means to you or giving some words of wisdom than by writing (or saying) them yourself. Although gift giving is a wonderful way of showing someone you appreciate them, don’t forget about the card!

Because we’re all about female empowerment, Periodical features a variety of greeting cards created by the talented Arnelle Woker, each gorgeous card is blank inside making them perfect for any occasion.

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#2. Be at one with your ‘Flo’ with eco period products

Unfortunately, the taboo that comes along with periods is still very much present in today’s society and although periods are a beautiful part of the female reproductive system, many of us are still embarrassed to buy menstruation products in your local shop. Who’s to say you can’t buy your gal pal some essential period products to make their bleed as comfortable as you can!?

FLO’ offer 100% organic, PH-respecting period products all in super cute packaging, what more could you want!? (P.S they also give 5% of their profits to charities who are fighting period poverty and FGM).

Periodical also offers menstrual cups by Sea + Flo, they’re superbly comfortable and easy to use, I mean you can have a worry-free period as well as helping save the environment – yes please!

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#3. Did someone say re-wax-ation?

Gone are the days that candles are just a thoughtless gift and that their sole purpose is to light up a room. These beautiful gifts can work in a similar way to aromatherapy by stimulating your receptors in your brain. Various scents can be great for boosting your mood or can help you heal and de-stress especially through meditation.

We stock a cracking selection of 100% soy wax candles from ‘Mia Harlow Organics’ and ‘wxy.’ and believe us when we say they smell absolutely divine.

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#4. Soak in the good vibes

Drawing yourself a bath can do you wonders during your period; the blanket of water can help sooth cramping and aid in relaxation throughout your body. By adding in some essential oils, you can double it up as an aromatherapy session too (don’t forget to light up a candle to help set the mood!). The Fortifying Green Bath Potion by ‘MOA’ is your all in one magic potion, created to ease aching muscles, this bath potion is infused with organic essential oils to help clear your airways and boost your mood.

Another must-have for your bath is Epsom salts which are full of minerals for your body to absorb. Mineral Bath Soaks by ‘Authentically You’ are hand blended for self-love, self-compassion and self-nurturing, the hardest part you need to do is to just relax.

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#5. May your clothes be forever comfy

Clothing can be a tricky one to gift someone, but you can’t go wrong with Periodical. Founded by the wonderful Roma, Periodical was created to give women period-wear which is effortless, comfortable and most definitely stylish. Priding ourselves on a sustainable approach, there is only a limited number of each product created in small batches to further ensure there is no waste from each collection to the next.

With a variety of stunning designs to choose from, each product (which is made from 100% cotton) can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion!

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#6. Just write it all down hunny

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, self-love is the best love you can give! The Self-Love Journal by ‘NOTE AND SHINE’ was created to help you along your journey of self-love.

From reflecting on how things are going and writing down all the feels to planning what you want to accomplish for the week ahead, you can use your journal how you want! There are even some self-love mantras to practice, helping to empower you along the way.

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