Our Story

Periodical was founded by Roma, who like many woman all over the world, experiences bad period pains. Often feeling uncomfortable in her own body while being 'on', finding something to wear was always harder then than any time of the month. Struggling to find outfits that were both comfortable with an effortless style to them, Roma decided to design her own, which sparked the idea to launch Periodical, deciding that if she was looking for Period-wear, then others must be too. The collections now centre around loose styles made from natural materials, with a strong emphasis on prints to make you feel happy. 
Putting her degree in Fashion Buying Management and years of experience travelling and buying around in Asia, Roma decided to take a trip to India in search of a way to sustainably produce her collections. She finally came into contact with a family-run tailor in Jaipur, which the whole process, from hand screen printing and dying the fabric, to sewing the garments and putting in the tags, are all done through. All the prints are originally hand drawn by Roma, who taught herself how to start fabric print designing (by spending most of the time watching youtube!) during the Pandemic.  
A key value of Periodical is to work towards a zero-waste model, which is why all off-cuts of the fabric are turned into smaller accessories, such as scrunchies and eye masks.
All the collections are designed with longevity in mind, with classic styles centred around season-less wardrobe essentials taking precedence throughout the collections. All ranges are made in small-batch productions, to further ensure there is no waste from each collection to the next.