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Can the Winter Months Really Affect Your Period?

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As we inch closer to spring, the t-shirts and ice lollies surely can’t be too far away!? In the meantime, many areas of the country have recently experienced the confused forecasts of snow, sleet, rain and howling winds, with no promises of the sun sticking around to stay for too long. 

Just your luck, as the grey skies and showers are in full swing… BOOM, you get your period. Periods can suck pretty much any time of the year but there’s something about the gloomy weather which seems to make it extra sucky! 

Whilst the cold weather is not solely the culprit, what comes with it certainly doesn’t help. With the dull weather comes a slower pace of life, the gloomy days and nights are hardly a motivator. During these difficult times, you might find going outside not very enticing and next thing you know, you haven’t moved from your bed all day. 

Although it may be the last thing you feel like doing, exercising (in the comfort of your own home) will release a dose of endorphins and endorphins = a bloody great mood. Endorphins also boost your energy and help you fight the battle with tiredness that you’d normally associate with that time of the month. There’s no need to go into sweaty badass mode, just walking, some gentle yoga and even some light lifting (if you fancy it) can do you wonders.

Hello Sunshine! Sunshine naturally helps us gals make both vitamin D and dopamine, this delightful duo helps boosts our mood, gets us motivated and helps us concentrate. Even if it's chilly out there but you spot a patch of sun, if your able to take a 10 minute stroll to feel that light on your face it can change your whole vibe.

However, take the sunshine away and what we’re left with is mood swings that seem more difficult to cope with than usual. If you’re due a period during the bad weather, why not plan what you want to achieve for that week. You may have a painting project, a nearly-Spring clean or finish that book that's been sat on the side for months. Planning small, achievable tasks will help to give you focus and a sense of positivity and achievement when your able to tick them off the list!

Although, if what you want to achieve is a sofa day watching your favourite chick-flicks with a tub of chocolate spread, that’s perfectly fine too. It’s all about what makes you happy, what we all want are happy bodies and happy periods!

It’s time to get up close and person with your period, we’re talking about awareness. Next time your period is due when we're having a spell of gloomy weather, why not take notes? Write down how you’re feeling and look for anything that is particularly different this time, this will give you a deeper understanding of your wonderful body and prepare you for what to expect next time.

Here's a little fact for you! Did you know that when you feel cold, the blood vessels in your body compress which makes the pathway for blood flow narrower. This constriction can affect the blood flow in your periods and may possibly lead to more period pains (yay). What you can do to help the blood flow is by grabbing your trusty hot water bottle, not only will it help ease the cramps, you will feel all cosy and toasty!

Finally, it may go without saying, but your outfit can effect your mood, especially in the winter months! We are less likely to wear bight colours and, especially when on our periods, we can end up putting on something that serves the comfortability function but we don't necessary feel great in. So next time you're on your period, why not try adding something with a bit of colour to brighten your mood or perhaps your favourite jumper or even your special occasions socks, anything to give yourself a little extra pizzazz! 

Periodical also offers 8 mood-boosting collections to choose from, each with a range of comfortable and effortless styles, which are perfect for mixing and matching with. Periodical's period-wear is designed by women for women, to make you feel the best you can whilst on your period. Some of our favourite picks, to make you feel great in any situation, include our flattering jumpsuit and the beautiful kimono - which can be worn as a dressing gown or layered over your outfit for a pop of colour and style. We do love the three C's - comfortable, cosy and coordinated!

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Please note, if you’re experiencing abnormal bleeding or extreme low moods during the winter months, please discuss your concerns with your GP.

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