Cycles Journal 2024

Cycles Journal 2024

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A Lunar Calendar for & Tracker for Menstrual Tracking and Inner Healing.

Reclaiming the power of your cycle helps you regain control within your life - so that you can heal and transform your relationship with yourself, others & the world. Learn to embrace the cycles in your life & embody rituals in all phases.


• Menstrual, Hormonal Cycle, Mood and Habit Tracker
• Moon Phases
• Intention-Setting
• Astrological Insight 
• Daily Journaling Prompts
• Healing Resources 
• Cycle Check-Ins & Overviews 
• Embodiment Practices 
• Rituals & Tips 

~ Listen to your body ~ Track your cycle ~ Navigate life better ~

The mission of the cycle journal is to:
• Celebrate our fluxes and flows which are usually shamed, repressed, or dreaded by both society and ourselves.
• Highlight the importance of holding space, time and energy for ourselves and cycles.
• Remind you to practice self-care, love and empowerment
• Help those of all ages with cycles understand their patterns better.
• Help you connect & heal more deeply to yourself, and in turn to others.

This is a tool for those seeking to prioritize self-care, slow down and deeply listen to their own body's wisdom.

Create a habit of self-devotion for less than £3.50 a month.

Dated pages from the end of Dec. 2023 ~ (from 12/23/22 – 1/3/24)

Cycles Journal is a guide to uncover your inner & outer cyclical wisdom by helping to:
• Prioritize tracking and integrating your cycle as a regular part of your daily planning & scheduling - no calendar should be without your menstrual cycle
• Celebrate our fluxes and flows which are usually shamed, repressed, or dreaded by both society and ourselves
• Allow space and intention to process and understand these patterns
notice your flows and take some blame off yourself
• Plan around your life for greater ease and more energy

Whether you bleed or not, are on birth control, are pregnant, expecting, post-partum or have an irregular cycle, this journal will help you follow all symptoms & patterns of your wombspace, uterus & body.

• 24+ new articles, rituals & wisdom writings
• Beautiful new illustrations 
• 3rd ribbon bookmark
• 336 pages
• More user-friendly for those with irregular or absent cycles
• Monthly overviews
• More space for notes
• Vertical guidelines
• Improved prompts 
• Filled dates, moon phases and sun & moon signs 

Interactive Features
• Moonthly Overview Lunar Calendar Pages to Track your Cycles
• Follow your menstrual cycle alongside the moon’s cycle
• Notice your own patterns from one cycle to the next
• Follow lunar months instead of calendar months for easy comparison & to serve as an anchor for irregular or non-existent periods
• Space for your own unique symptoms Astrological symbols for consideration
• Daily Journaling Space to Reflect Deeper & Release
• Space to expand in more detail on your symptoms
• Intention-setting space per quarter moon Illustration of the moon’s phase per day
• Consider weather & astrology’s impact
• Track fertility with your temperature
• Reminders to track & tune in
• Cycle Check-In Pages to Help you Deepen Observations, Find Patterns & Prep for your Next Cycle
• Record your patterns, caution days, bliss days & irregularities
• Reminders for self-exams & date nights with yourself
• Reminders to plan & prepare for your next cycle Integrate your cycle into your life & work 

Featuring amazing healers, inspiring you through many modes of healing - sprinkled throughout each month.
Connecting you to nature and offering ilustrations to spark magic.
Rituals to help you find embodiment & connection. 

Table Of Contents
Moonthly Overview Spreads
Daily Journaling Pages
Cycle Check-Ins

Reference, Wisdom & Rituals:
🌟 Lunar & Menstrual Influence
🌟 The Moon & Astrology
🌟 Anatomical Diagrams
🌟 The Menstrual Cycle & Phases
🌟 Fertility Awareness
🌟 Sustainable Bleeding
🌟 Tips & Tricks to Help You Track
🌟 How to Use This Journal
🌟 Letter of Self-Devotion
🌟 NewYearʼsIntentions
🌟 Where Youʼre Starting
🌟 Inquire Within: Tarot Spread + Prompts

Offerings from our Featured Community:
🌟 The Cyclical Elements
🌟 Heal Thy Womb
🌟 Intuitively Channeling the Womb Space
🌟 Working with Your Personal Lunar Cycles
🌟 Magick Mirror Ritual
🌟 Nutrition & Your Menstrual Cycle
🌟 Growing & Gardening with the Moon
🌟 Sensual Restoration Rituals
🌟 Connection Through Earth Embodiment
🌟 Activate You – Shift to Inspired Flow
🌟 Own the Power of Your Womb Space
🌟 The Insight of the In-betweens
🌟 New Year's Manifestation
🌟 Self-Love Map
🌟 Somatic Resourcing Meditation
🌟 Eating For Your Cycle
🌟 The Heart–Womb Connection
🌟 Dark Moon Nectar
🌟 The Living Song
🌟 Herbs for Menstrual Wellness
🌟 Harmonise Your Cyclical Nature
🌟 Decolonizing Sexuality & Gender
🌟 Breathwork for Release
🌟 SeaSick
🌟 HolisticPelvicCareRecipes

🌟 Letter of Reflection & YearʼsReview
🌟 My Healing Toolkit + Healing Resource Directory
🌟 How to Reuse Your Journal, About the Creator
🌟 Space for Notes

Independently published grassroots creation, made with love & connection by artist & designer Rachael Amber.

• 6"x 9” Hardcover Journal with Lay-Flat Binding
• 334 pages: Full color printing — Aprox 1.5 lbs
Dated pages for 2024 (from 12/25/23 – 1/5/25)
• Premium 120g Recycled paper: FSC Certified, Uncoated & easy to write on without any bleed or resistance
• High-quality features: Rounded corners — Scratch-resistant cover — Illustrated end-leaves
• Extra Included Features: 3 Ribbon Bookmarks — Elastic band enclosure — Banderole doubles as a bookmark & reference card
• Printed in limited quantity & ethical quality: Ethical small batch printer in Europe — Eco-friendly packaging — Non-toxic inks — Recyclable